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I love Portland in the springtime, I love Portland in the fall…

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Portland, Paris; potato, potahto…  I love living in the northwest where the seasons are so evident in the leaves and blooms, the night air and morning sun.  As we’re drifting into fall, I’m reminded of the songs that mark the seasons – Summertime; Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year; Autumn Leaves…  Reply below – what’s your favorite season song?  Bonus question: I need a winter tune that isn’t for the holidays – any recommendations?

Speaking of holidays, Mosaique is already taking requests for holiday parties.  Does your office or home party need some swinging jazz or hot rocknroll?  Send us an email at – we’d love to be a part of your celebrations!  We can add or subtract as needed – we come as a duo, trio, or can add drums, horns, etc.  Let us know!

We’ve already got some great events on our calendar, so come on out and hear us!  Thank you for continuing to support live music in Portland – you’re the reason we can keep playing, and we love you!