It’s Comin’ on Christmas…

For me, Christmas is like going to Disneyland. As it approaches, I’m filled with excitement and anticipation, but often once I’m there, it’s so rushed and busy I forget to stop and take in the magic, and then it’s over. I realized this the last time I visited Disneyland and thus built in time where I just sat outside Cinderella’s castle and soaked in the surroundings, the amazing detail, the beauty of it all.

Do you ever feel that way about Christmas? This year, let’s all decide to slow down at least once, and soak in the joy and warmth of the season surrounded by faithful friends and family who are dear to us.

Mosaique invites you to join us as we soak up the spirit of the holidays at Arrivederci on Saturday, December 22. We’ll be filling the evening with Christmas tunes and our favorite jazz gems. All you have to do is slow down, drink it in, and be merry.

We hope to see you there!

Photo credit: Disneyland Winter Castle from

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