Mosaique joins the 2014 Portland Jazz Festival!

piano bwI’ve never been one to set goals. I should, I know. Lots of things are accomplished when one sets goals. So a few years ago, I took my big brother’s advice and set a few goals, one of which was to be invited to play in the Portland Jazz Festival. Well, the universe was listening, because this is now Mosaique’s second year in the Fest! Many thanks to our family at Arrivederci who is an official sponsor, and always makes sure Mosaique is well taken care of.

To that end, come hear us at Arrivederci on March 1, the final weekend of the illustrious Portland Jazz Festival! 8-11, $5 cover for front tables only (free everywhere else!). You know how good this place is: amazing food, service, libations, sensation, those standards of mine…

Additional gig dates also posted through June, so one way or another, we will see you soon!

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2 Responses to “Mosaique joins the 2014 Portland Jazz Festival!”

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