How do you define Jazz?

At our last gig, I went a little off book and loosely defined jazz as, basically, whatever is fun.  Frank (pianist) wasn’t sold on that – in fact, a whole lot of jazz is clearly the result of hard, hard work, practice, learning, collaboration, and the magical mix of raw talent and honed skill.  I won’t even go to Websters for an official definition; suffice it to say, in my years of singing, I find the most joy in jazz.  For me, joy = fun.  And I won’t enjoy a song unless it has been practiced hard, learned well, and reflects the kind of productive collaboration I find with these fantastic musicians.  So when we take a tune by Chicago, Sting, Simon and Garfunkel, The Lovin’ Spoonful, or even Prince, and we put our uniquely jazz spin on it, you can bet: it is FUN. Joyful Thea

But I have to ask: How do YOU define jazz?  Please comment below and let me know!

Know what else is fun? We have our gig dates out through the end of summer!  Mark your calendars now for March, April, June, July, and August, by visiting our Shows page.  We’re venturing into new venues and are happy to be adding the Buffalo Gap – a Portland live music venue for over 30 years – to our list.  We look forward to you joining us – or “joyning” us – for some serious fun.  And jazz.

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