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In a mosaic, pieces of beauty are combined to create a larger masterpiece. Mosaique, too, combines pieces of musical beauty into an ensemble sound, creating a masterpiece of tones, voice, strings, skins and keys, each impeccably placed in the breathtaking whole. The music of Mosaique displays the best in jazz, funk, latin and pop standards, from eras spanning the 20th and early 21st centuries. Whether covering Van Morrison or Ella, in foreign and familiar lyrics, the listener is sure to find that each tile of the mosaic will deliver a fresh, intriguing, and memorable musical portrait.


Vocals: Thea Enos
Thea came to Portland in 1994 from small town California and began getting together with a group of friends to sing original arrangements of close harmony music from the 40s through the 60s. The group became By Night, an a cappella sextet, and was soon performing professionally in the Portland area. She also started performing as the featured singer with members of a local instrumental group, Hamilton Street, and developed a large and growing repertoire while performing her own gigs and fronting HS. Soon after, she joined members of HS to form Mosaique, seeking songs that move and groove the band (and the audience!). She has added several numbers sung in French and is constantly adding “nouveaux chansons.”

Her songs highlight her soft, lilting sound and some delightful behind-the-beat phrasing. Her delivery effectively projects a wide range of moods by distinct, but perceptive, changes in the emotional flavor of her voice to complement the lyrics. In this way she is like a talented actress, whose subtle shadings, scene to scene, underscore the script, while avoiding unnecessary melodramatics. Listeners repeatedly describe Thea’s vocals as warm and soothing with just the right sassy kick, like a perfect cup of cinnamon hot chocolate.

Piano: Frank DiGiovanni
Playing piano at 6 and trumpet at 10, Frank DiGiovanni pursued music all through his life. While growing up in the Philadelphia area, he performed professionally since the age of 14 in rock and show bands, doing weddings, private parties, and finally the bars (when old enough, or no one was checking his ID). In high school, he played in all the formal ensembles and wrote for the jazz band. As required of all teenagers wishing to really rock out, he learned the guitar, bass, and drums with his friends in basements across the metropolitan area.

Finally receiving his B.A in music composition, he continued to perform, but also worked as a recording engineer and studio musician, as well as going on the road with two pop-soul acts from Philadelphia for a brief period in the 1970s. Also during this period, he scored some animations for Sesame Street and a few commercials shown locally, and did horn arrangements for some of the record producers he worked with. Frank was in several rock bands attempting to get signed and was also involved with songwriters from Nashville and Philadelphia, having his work show up in soundtracks for movies such as “Tender Mercies.” To clutter his garage even further, he developed an interest in the saxophone and has played it ever since.

Frank moved to Portland in 1985 where he still resides. He continues to play and write in several styles, including jazz, rock, blues, funk, pop, and the occasional avant-garde experiment as well as a country song if the mood hits.

Bass: Steve Maliszewski
Steve began his musical journey as a self-taught bassist. He played pop, rock and jazz music, and spent much of the eighties touring up and down the East Coast and Canada. He studied classical music in college, firmed up his technique and when he moved to Portland and spent a season as bassist with Willamette Falls Symphony Orchestra. He has since embraced jazz whole-heartedly.

His driving bass lines and strong rhythmic sense make him an excellent accompanist, and his melodic nature is evident in his lyrical solos. Stephen’s feeling for music is obvious in every note that rolls off his fingers, whether it be joy, whimsy, passion or those bad ol’ blues.

Drums: Larry Bard
From time to time, we have the pleasure of playing with Chicago-native drummer Larry Bard, because playing with a drummer is funner. Larry has his roots in pop and rock, and brings his unique artistry to jazz and latin tunes as well. Versatile and classy, playing with Larry really is funner.

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